Don’t Get Sick: You May Lose Custody of Your Children

North Carolina Husband and Wife have two Children, ages 5 and 11.

Wife is diagnosed with breast cancer.

Husband files for divorce, relocates far away from Children and then files for primary custody of Children.

Now Mother’s cancer has metastacized and she is at Stage 4.

The North Carolina family court modifies child custody of Children, awards primary custody ro Husband and orders that Children relocate to Illinois in mid-June.

Wife asserts that her disease is well-managed and does not interfere with her ability to parent Children. Wife also describes Husband as abusive.

However, based on the testimony of a forensic psychologist, the divorce court concludes that “children who have a parent with cancer need more contact with the non-ill parent”.

There is nothing to suggest that this statement is anything but the personal opinion of that forensic psychologist, unsupported by any scientific studies.

There is no indication that any other factors are considered in modifying custody.

This case has sparked hot debate, petitions and calls for the presiding judge’s dismissal from the bench.

Wife is considering appealing the ruling.

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