Illegal Immigrant Loses Custody of 2 Year Old Baby Girl to Drug-Offending Father

I previously posted Undocumented Immigrant Mother Arrested Before Child Support and Custody Agreement Signed With Father’s Representation by Attorney for Immigration Agent.

An Indian River County, Florida court has now awarded primary residential custody of the unmarried couple’s two year old girl to the father, a reportedly convicted drug offender who allegedly still abuses drugs.

The mother also alleges that the father had a history of domestic violence toward her.

Now, the mother also faces deportation following the loss of custody of the daughter she had been raising, thanks, reportedly, to the instigation of the father of the baby.

The mother will likely be allowed to exercise some visitation, in her native Uruguay.

The law requires that the ruling as to which parent will be the primary residential parent be made so as to serve the best interests of the child.

It has not been reported whether the court favored the drug-offending father because he would raise the child here in the US, while the mother, as a result of her impending deportation, would, of necessity, raise the child outside the US, probably in her native Uruguay.

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