Domestic Violence: A Problem Far From Beaten

Despite our society throwing more and more resources at ending domestic abuse and aiding domestic abuse victims, several recent reports cast doubt on how much progress is really being made.

The Vermont Network Against Domestic Assault and Sexual Violence reported that it served 50% more victims from 1997 to 2006.

The Vermont Criminal Information Center reported that incidents reported increased by 6% from 2003 to 2006.

And the numbers don’t begin to tell the story. According to a spokesperson for the Vermont Network, the individual incidents are also more serious.

So much so, that Vermont legislators are studying the domestic violence problem in greater depth in the hopes of coming up with a more effective and comprehensive legislative scheme to attack the problem.

According to reports, Arizona has also seen a rise in domestic violence incidents. Sometimes small measures can help.

The legislature there has recently introduced a bill to permit victims of domestic abuse who have been tracked down by their abusers to break their leases without financial penalty.

For many victims, being able to break a lease will make the difference in whether or not they will get away safely.

Six other states have statutes similar to the Arizona bill. Florida is not one of them.

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