eBay Almost Facilitates Discharging Part of a Child Support Arrearage

Father allegedly owes $37,000 in child support arrears.

Father has the distinction of owning a motorized bar stool.

Father reportedly drives around town, intoxicated, with the bar stool in his car – and is involved in an accident.

As a result, Father is convicted of DUI.

Father then tries to sell his motorized bar stool on eBay, hoping to cash in on its relative notoriety.

Father receives a bid over $1,000 … but the bidder doesn’t follow through and make the payment.

Child support enforcement doesn’t think an auction is such a bad idea for collection purposes though.

The agency seizes Father’s bar stool with the intention of auctioning it off locally, offline, itself.

But was the Agency premature in giving up on eBay?

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