Egypt Ignores Maryland Custody Orders for Years on End

Maryland courts awarded Father custody of the older of two children and Mother custody of the younger child. Later, that Maryland court awarded Father custody of the younger child too.

About seven years ago, Mother allegedly abducted the two children to Egypt.

Father hasn’t seen them since.

He has occasionally spoken to them, only to find that they have been alienated from him.

Father sought to enforce his Maryland custody awards and have the children returned to him in the USA.

He even won a judgment in Maryland against his ex-wife and her mother for $3 million in damages for their interference with his custody of the boys. His ex-mother-in-law even served three years of a ten year sentence for her part in abducting the children.

And a warrant was issued for his ex-wife’s arrest.

But none of these measures have gotten Father any closer to even seeing his boys.

Egypt is not a party to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction and has not honored any of the court orders entered in Father’s favor.

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