Eighty Year Old Man Jailed for Contempt over Alimony Arrearages … Nearly Forty Years After Divorce

Ex-Husband and Ex-Wife are divorced.

Ex-Husband was ordered to pay Ex-Wife alimony in the divorce.

Ex-Husband is in arrears to the tune of $70,000.

Not because of illness or disability or unemployment.

Ex-Husband actually owns several successful businesses and holds roughly one hundred patents.

He’s comfortable.

But Ex-Husband contends that Ex-Wife breached their settlement agreement, in which he agreed to pay Ex-Wife alimony, by abandoning their sons thirty years ago.

And so Ex-Husband refuses to pay the alimony arrearages, out of principle.

Ex-Husband is eighty years old and their divorce took place thirty-eight years ago.

None of the above caused a Georgia judge to hesitate before ordering Ex-Husband to jail.

Read more in this [Jacksonville] Florida Times-Union article: South Georgia man went to jail out of ‘principle’.