Eleven Year Old Girl Charged with Murdering Two Month Old Baby

A two month old Ohio baby has reportedly died of brutal “blunt impact injuries to the head, neck, body, arms and legs”, consistent with murder.

The injuries occurred while the baby was in the care of a babysitter / friend of longstanding acquaintance of the baby’s mother. The sitter reportedly fell asleep during this time.

The baby was reportedly in the sitter’s care to give its mother a rest.

The baby’s injuries were allegedly inflicted by the sitter’s eleven year old daughter, who has since been charged with murder. The girl is confined in a juvenile detention center.

The girl has been ordered to undergo a mental competency evaluation before the criminal case proceeds.

The babysitter and her daughter reportedly have no criminal history.

It is extremely rare for a child as young as this to be charged with murder, and it is unprecedented in this county.

Ohio law does not permit the girl to be charged as an adult.

This case is disturbing in more ways than one and raises many questions which one can only hope will be asked and answered as the investigation and prosecution go forward.