Ex-Husband Enters Plea Agreement to Avoid Twenty Different Counts Arising from Alleged Violation of Domestic Violence Restraining Order of Protection

Ex-Wife has injunction for protection against domestic violence against Ex-Husband.

Ex-Husband moves from upstate New York to Oklahoma four years ago.

But that hasn’t stopped Ex-Husband from reportedly repeatedly violating Ex-Wife’s domestic violence restraining order.

Ex-Husband admits making repeated phone calls and sending multiple e-mails and regular mailings to Ex-Wife over the last four years.

The magnitude of Ex-Husband’s order of protection violations prompted the prosecutor to charge Ex-Husband with more than twenty counts of criminal contempt, stalking and aggravated harassment, and to have Ex-Husband returned to New York state to face the charges.

Under the plea deal, Ex-Husband pleads guilty to just one count of criminal contempt, and avoids incarceration. And a new order of protection goes into effect against Ex-Husband for the next eight years.

If Ex-Husband violates the plea agreement and terms of his probation, though, Ex-Husband could face as much as four years in jail for his violations of the domestic violence restraining order against him.

Ex-Wife just wants Ex-Husband to leave her in peace.

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