Ex-Husband Seeks to Modify Property Division in Divorce, Alleging That Ex-Wife Hid Valuable Marital Assets: Shoes … 1,200 Pairs of High End Designer Wear

One of the fundamental requirements in modern divorce law is full disclosure, at least here in Florida.

Still, it is reasonable and prudent for a spouse anticipating or going through a divorce to be alert and to have their eyes (and ears) wide open, rather than relying on the prospect of full disclosure.

That’s common sense. And one of the first pieces of instruction and advice that a divorce lawyer gives their client, no matter who their client is.

Now, a divorced millionaire ex-husband (ExH) is trying to re-open his Pennsylvania divorce on the ground that his ex-wife (ExW) allegedly hid marital assets at the time of their divorce settlement. Possibly in a secret room in their Manhattan apartment.

So, what marital property did ExW allegedly conceal?

Shoes. Lots and lots of them. And not just any old shoes.

Some 1,200 pairs of high end designer shoes. Allegedly purchased for as much as $4,000 a pair. (Yes, that could be almost $5 million dropped on shoes.)

ExH estimates the value of the marital portion of ExW’s shoe collection at a much more modest $1 million though. Some of the shoes must have been lower end or depreciated over time, and some may have been premarital.

But ExH nonetheless wants his fair share of the value of the marital shoes.

ExW denies that the shoes were hidden from ExH though. On the contrary, she insists, they were in plain sight, in her closet in the master bedroom of the marital residence, and ExH couldn’t possibly have missed them.

But ExH reacts that he didn’t go snooping around the marital residence in search of marital assets. (Never mind that that would probably put him in the minority of spouses who have access and who don’t fear for their safety.)

ExH would also have to have missed the substantial media coverage of famous ExW’s significant shoe collection, including a documentary shown in cinemas.

It may be mere coincidence that ExH reportedly lost millions of dollars last year in precious metals trades.

ExW is reportedly still growing her shoe collection, despite donating some to charities.

She reportedly expects to lauch her own product line of shoes. That, however, would have nothing to do with her divorce … from ExH.