Ex-Wife Sues Over Ex-Husband’s Website Showing Her As Offering Sexual Services to the Public

Pennsylvania Husband and Wife divorce. Wife remarries and moves on with her life.

Husband may be a different story.

Wife alleges that Husband created an internet website on which he depicts Wife as offering sexual favors to the public. And that Husband set this all up from his workplace.

Wife sues Husband for both negligent and intentional infliction of emotional distress and Husband’s employer for the negligent variation of the claim.

Defendants raised legal deficiencies and shortcomings in Wife’s position out of the gate. And the presiding judge sided with the defendants on almost all of them … but afforded Wife the opportunity to try to correct and shore up her court papers.

Some of the defects in Wife’s allegations were insufficient detail and specificity.

More problematic for the Wife, however, were the court’s rulings that Husband, by virtue of their divorce, no longer owed a marital duty to his former wife. Failing that, the Wife would have to be able to allege some independent duty, such as contractual or fiduciary duties, the breach of which could possibly support a claim for damages.

Threats of the type of post-breakup conduct that Husband reportedly engaged in are actually rampant in the internet era. Acting on the threats is significantly less common.

But the judge on this case undoubtedly was mindful of the potential for floodgates to open up based on still novel cases of this sort.

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