Exotic Reasons For Divorce Cited

Marriages break up for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes seemingly for no particular reason, at least none that either spouse can really zero in on and articulate.

Frustration at their inability to articulate a “justification” sure to satisfy friends and family may, strangely enough, give rise to some of the rather unlikely sounding reasons published in a virtual Ripley’s Believe It or Not of Divorce Triggers.

They are:

  1. Not liking a certain film.
  2. Possession by a genie.
  3. Breakage of an, uh, enhancing prosthetic.
  4. Insatiability.
  5. Assigning unflattering nickname in phone contacts.
  6. Cheating, according to … parrot.
  7. Adopting 550 cats.
  8. Excessive cleaning.
  9. Kissing a horse.
  10. Having an affair … sixty or seventy years before.

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