Family Court Allegedly Takes Children Into Child Protective Custody Because of the Controversial Names Their Parents Gave Them

New Jersey Husband and Wife have four Children together.

They are not getting a divorce when they were drawn into a family court case.

They were happy and shared a similar mindset.

They both joined in assigning some of their Children the following given names:

  1. Adolph Hitler

  2. Aryan Nation

  3. Honszlynn Hinler

And those names won the family the attention of the legal system … and removal of their Children from their home and into child protective custody (foster care).

For three years and counting.

All, according to Husband, based on the names Husband and Wife chose for their Children, and nothing more.

It is reported that a family court initially found insufficient evidence to justify removal of the Children from Husband’s and Wife’s home.

The government maintains, however, that there was domestic violence in Husband’s and Wife’s home, that Husband and Wife both suffer from physical as well as psychological disabilities, and that failure to protect was the basis for the Childen’s removal.

Now Husband has not seen Children in a year.

And Wife has moved out of state, without Husband.

The Children remain in protective custody despite various appeals on various issues. Husband and Wife plan another appeal.