Family Court Grants Divorce Because Wife Is … Ugly, and So Is Couple’s Baby

Chinese Wife invests US $100,000 in cosmetic surgery to improve her appearance.

Wife marries Husband, never revealing that she has had plastic surgery.

Wife gets pregnant and eventually delivers a healthy baby girl (Baby).

But Husband is not happy. Husband considers Baby to be ugly.

Husband suspects Wife of cheating on him, to produce such an ugly Baby.

In any event, Husband cannot accept Baby as his offspring.

Wife “confesses” to having had cosmetic surgery. But Husband is not appeased.

Husband sues Wife for divorce … and substantial monetary damages … for, apparently, being ugly and producing an ugly Baby.

And the Chinese family court rules in Husband’s favor, granting Husband a divorce, … and awarding Husband US $120,000 in damages.

The Chinese family court actually found that the Wife had induced Husband to marry her under false pretenses.

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