Family Court Judge Who Terminates Father’s Visitation Without Even Being Asked Gets Reversed on Appeal

More often than one might imagine, a parent comes in and recounts the failings of the other parent of their child as a parent.

Compared to the general population of parents, the failings range from merely departures from the ideal to understandably disappointing to disturbing to downright horrifying.

“We have to make sure they don’t get visitation,” they say.

In the overwhelming majority of those cases though, that’s just not going to happen. It would undercut their position to even ask.

In Florida.

Which is why this case in Buffalo, New York stands out.

Mother requests that Father’s visitation with Child be supervised. More specifically, supervised by a “social services agency”.

And then, astonishingly, the New York family court judge, all on his own, orders that Father’s visitation be terminated.

Well, needless to say, Father appeals. And an intermediate level appeals court reverses the family court’s ruling, and paves the way for Father to have supervised visitation.

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