Family Drive Triggers Caregivers’ Arrests and Temporary Loss of Child Custody

It began as an ordinary family outing in the car.

Aunt was driving the car. Mother was a passenger.

An off-duty police officer appeared out of the blue and found eight year old Boy on the hood of Aunt’s car … while the vehicle was moving.

According to Aunt, Boy was stubborn and would not climb down from the hood – after jumping on while the vehicle was already moving.

According to Aunt, law enforcement arrived just as she was going to stop and physically remove the Boy from the hood.

Next thing she knew, the police charged her with criminal recklessness and Mother with neglect of a dependent.

And Child Protective Services was there to take Boy and his cousin.

Although Aunt concedes Boy may have been in danger, Aunt believes police overreacted.

Aunt and Mother each face criminal hearings and child custody hearings soon.

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