Father Demands Surrogate Mother Abort One of Three Fetuses Surgically Implanted

Atlanta Father enters a contract with forty-seven year old California Surrogate for her to be surgically implanted with three embryos combining his sperm and a third party’s eggs.

The Contract contemplates that Surrogate will carry the embryos to term and deliver his Children.

Seventeen weeks into the gestation, it appears, against all odds, that all three embryos are actually viable.

Father never expected to end up with three Children and instructs Surrogate to abort one of the fetuses.

Surrogate objects. Whatever else, Surrogate has a financial incentive under the contract to give birth to all of the fetuses if possible.

Father’s lawyer, invoking their Contract, is increasingly firm in his communications. Georgia has no law governing surrogacy arrangements.

Surrogate has enlisted the assistance of a nonprofit group opposed to surrogacy arrangements, and the matter has become increasingly political and high profile.

However, reportedly fearful of the financial consequences

At least one physician has gone on record as indicating that Surrogate’s pregnancy is high risk and an abortion at this stage would be high risk as well.


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