Father of Milwaukee Kids Apparently Prefers Doing Time to Paying Child Support

Father of Milwaukee children allegedly doesn’t pay child support for some time. Approximately $128,000 worth of child support.

Father goes to jail. For a time.

Then Father gets released on probation. One of the conditions of his probation is … that he pay his support … or go back to jail.

After Father is released, he allegedly stops paying child support again. But he doesn’t go back to jail.

Because the government can’t find him. But reporters find him, in Illinois, at the same address he has had for years.

Based on the reporters’ tip, law enforcement arrests Father again. Father now reportedly owes $200,000 in child support arrearages.

There is no indication that Father is unable to pay child support. But, apparently, he doesn’t want to.

Father may return to jail … again … and, perhaps, again.

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