Father of Unsupervised Child Suicide Seeks Reinstatement of Visitation with His Other Children

Last year, a 12 year old boy committed suicide in the middle of his parents’ bitter divorce. The boy used one of the nine guns that were freely accessible at the home of his father, an ex-Marine.

The father reportedly left the boy and his two younger brothers home alone, unsupervised.

Before the tragedy, it appears that the judge presiding over the divorce had ordered the father to secure his guns.

The father is said to be on probation now, under a plea of guilty to child endangerment, for which he served no time in jail. And he has been denied any contact with his two other sons since their brother’s death.

The father has reportedly admitted to suffering from depression and thoughts of suicide since his son’s suicide.

The father has taken a court-ordered anger management course.

But during his recent divorce, the father allegedly physically assaulted and injured four to five bailiffs. It took twelve bailiffs to subdue and restrain him.

According to the children’s mother, the father has threatened to kill her.

Now, the father wants to resume visitation with his two surviving sons.

The court indicated that it would reinstate visitation on a gradual basis – after the father served his criminal sentences. The children just may be legal adults before that happens.

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