Father Who Owes Almost $100,000 in Child Support is Served with an Order for Arrest … Thanks to Mother’s Diligence in Monitoring Father’s Criminal Record, Insistence on Order’s Existence and Persistence in Locating Order

North Carolina Mother and Father are no longer together.

But they have two children together for whom Father was ordered to pay child support.

Father reportedly is more than $90,000 in arrears in his child support obligations.

In 2009, the North Carolina family court issued an Order for Arrest of Father.

Mother keeps tabs on Father’s criminal record daily through the North Carolina courts web site.

Now Father is arrested on an unrelated matter.

Mother springs into action in pursuit of her children’s overdue child support.

Upon Mother’s inquiries, court personnel have no knowledge of the Order of Arrest.

But Mother doesn’t give up. And finally the Order for Arrest is located in the court file.

Unfortunately, there is no record of it in the courts’ computer system.

So law enforcement authorities would not be in a position to serve the Order on Father but for Mother’s vigilance and diligence.

When Father comes to court on the unrelated charge, he is served with the Order for Arrest.

Now Mother awaits the Court’s action upon the order and Father’s arrearages.

Mother’s difficulties reportedly stem from the fact that Father lives in a different county from her and her children.

It’s not clear why Orders for Arrest aren’t entered into the state’s computer system.

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