Father’s Lawsuit Against Mother Over Child’s Birth is Dismissed

Canadian Mother and Father meet and begin dating casually. Father is a medical doctor and Mother is also a health care professional.

Mother tells Father that she is on oral contraceptives. They have sexual relations multiple times on multiple dates without additional protection.

Eventually, Mother gets pregnant and so advises Father.

Mother later delivers a baby, and Father begins paying child support.

But Father feels … violated. He sues Mother for $4 million in damages.

The theory behind Father’s lawsuit is that he has suffered emotional harm, in a nutshell, from being deprived of carefully choosing, courting, dating, marrying and planning the birth of his child with his chosen partner.

The family court in Toronto dismisses Father’s case, for failing to state a claim recognized by the law.

The family court also maintains the confidentiality of Mother’s and Father’s identities and seals the court file to protect the child’s identity and privacy.

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