Father’s Probation for Allegedly Kidnapping His Daughter Reinstated for Failing to Comply with Conditions

Minnesota Father allegedly kidnapped daughter from child protective custody.

Sentence: probation, requiring 40 hours of community service, undergoing a chemical dependency evaluation, undergoing a psychological evaluation, making restitution of costs of Amber Alert.

A year after sentencing, Father has complied with none of the conditions of his parole. None.

Father offers reasons to the court:

  1. he didn’t have a (valid) driver’s license to get to where community service was to be performed
  2. he didn’t have medical insurance to cover the costs of the evaluations
  3. he didn’t have the money because he owes so much in back taxes and child support

Father did fail two court-ordered drug screenings.

Minnesota judge ruled that Father willfully violated the terms of his probation – without excuse. Outcome: Father’s probation was reinstated pending another hearing.

Stakes: criminal record – whether previous conviction appears as a felony or a misdemeanor.

Whether Father is permitted contact with his daughter is not addressed.

Read more in this Winona [MN] Daily News article: Amber Alert dad violated probation.