Florida Divorce Has Unusual New York Enforcement Type Proceeding Attempted

Husband, a CEO of an oil company, and Wife, a socialite, divorced, apparently here in Florida.

Husband has since remarried the proverbial younger woman, Second Wife.

Although Husband is in his late forties, Second Wife is trying to get pregnant, in New York.

Husband reportedly paid Wife $130 million in the division of their marital property.

But Husband allegedly dragged his heels in transferring some stock to Wife, as a result of which Wife suffered a loss of $34 million. Accordingly, the Florida family court ordered Husband to pay Wife $34 million more as compensation for that loss.

Only Husband hasn’t paid. And is appealing the order requiring him to do so. And contending that he doesn’t have the money to do so.

Only Husband does reportedly have tens of thousands of dollars to pay for fertility treatments for Second Wife, a Bentley auto for Second Wife and a romantic $9,000 stop at a Paris hotel. Oops.

Wife, clearly a determined litigant, took the bull by the horns and formally advised Second Wife’s fertility doctor not to accept any further payments from Husband.

The Manhattan judge presiding over this divorce subplot apparently was not impressed by Husband’s resistance to paying, and “ordered” the former couple to “work out” the conflict.

That may not happen, at least not in New York.

Florida is really the proper venue for post-divorce enforcement proceedings of the usual variety. It was only because of Wife’s attempt at drawing the New York fertility doctor into the Florida divorce enforcement fray that this matter landed,, if only temporarily, in a New York courtroom.

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