Florida is Home to Three of the Ten US Counties with the Greatest Concentrations of Divorced Residents

Newly released US Census statistics also reveal that three of the ten US counties where divorced residents are found in greatest numbers are right here in Florida.

Those three Florida counties with the most divorced folks are

  1. Monroe, home of the (in)famous Keys, to our South

  2. Pinellas, home of Tampa / St. Pete, on the West Coast of the state and

  3. Putnam County, a rural county in the northern part of the state

Eighteen percent of the residents in the Keys are divorced, making this the US county with the second largest population of divorced people.

By contrast, across the nation, less than eleven percent of US residents are divorced.

Which state has the highest rate of divorce per person? Oklahoma, which is the state with the largest number of people who have been married at least three times.

Read more in this Associated Press article delivered via Yahoo News: Divorce in America: Ind., Fla. counties are tops.