Florida Man Violates Domestic Violence Restraining Order For Police Officer To Hear … Twice

Florida Woman obtains domestic violence restraining order of protection against Man.

Undeterred, Man reportedly calls and sends text messages to Woman repeatedly.

Woman contacts police to report Man’s violations of injunction for protection against domestic violence.

Patrolman comes to Woman’s house.

While Patrolman is at Woman’s home, Man calls Woman.

Patrolman advises Man he is violating domestic violence injunction.

Man excuses his conduct by the fact that he is presently in another state.

Patrolman advises Man that that does not excuse or insulate Man from restraining order.

While Patrolman is still at Woman’s home, Man calls again.

Patrolman again advises Man he is violating the order of protection, and admonishes him against calling Woman again.

Man states he is calling Patrolman, not Woman.

Patrolman instructs Man to call him at police station and not to call Woman’s phone again.

Man is arrested for violating Woman’s order of protection.

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