From Florida to Ireland: Cohabitation-Alimony Ambivalence Alive and Well

The case is in Ireland. But it rings with familiarity here in Florida.

Husband is a successful broker earning a substantial salary.

Wife is a housewife.

Couple break up. Husband moves out of the marital home.

Trial court orders Husband to pay Wife 137,500 Euros per year as alimony until Wife remarries or dies.

In an early hearing, Wife testifies that she is in a permanent relationship with a Boyfriend and that she is pregnant with Boyfriend’s child.

Wife later recants. And insists Husband can afford the ordered alimony payments.

Husband objects to having to pay alimony to Wife when Wife is now living with her Boyfriend and their common child.

There are indications that Boyfriend is relatively well off.

Wife is receiving a 700,000 Euro home as part of their divorce settlement.

Husband’s appeal is being considered by a British appellate court.

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