German Ex-Surgeon Now Living in Canada Seeks Modification Because Wife Isn’t Moving on with Her Life, to Pursue Financial Independence – Even Though He Allegedly Has Not Given Her Her Full Court-Ordered Share of the Marital Estate or the Court-Ordered Support for Their Children, Let Alone Herself

Husband is celebrated surgeon and professor in Germany.

Then he reportedly pleads guilty to intentionally harming patients and then falsifying medical records.

He is fined approximately $37,000, but is not sentenced to jail.

He does however lose his position and standing.

Husband reportedly receives approximately $3 million in severance pay.

Husband and Wife leave Germany to immigrate to Canada.

Several years later, their marriage breaks down, and they divorce in 2008.

Canadian divorce court orders Husband to pay Wife child support and alimony, and to turn over some assets to Wife.

Husband pleads guilty to two charges of driving while impaired.

Husband is ordered to pay a nominal fine for each charge and his driving privileges are revoked for two years.

But Husband is not sentenced to jail.

Husband seeks to modify the final judgment in his divorce, arguing that his fortunes have reversed … and that Wife has not taken steps to become self-supporting.

Wife responds by noting that Husband has not produced adequate proof of his supposed worsened financial condition, inadequate documentation of his financial picture at all.

Husband reportedly owns real estate … in Germany and Canada … and the US and Switzerland. He reportedly also owns a stake in a Canadian air carrier.

The court has not yet ruled in Husband’s case, but …

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