Global Positioning Devices Find New Use as Domestic Abusers’ Detection Alert System

Abuse victims can obtain orders of protection, called injunctions for protection against domestic violence in Florida.

The purpose of these orders is to deter further violence. And to facilitate a swift and appropriate remedy for any violations of the order.

Now Illinois has taken an additional step. Under a new law, violators of orders of protection must wear global positioning devices (GPSs) as a condition of parole and judges may order accused violators to wear them as a condition of bail.

The devices will keep authorities and victims apprised of enjoined aggressors’ whereabouts – and, hopefully, one step ahead of aggressors, if necessary. It is hoped that the technology will ease victims’ minds, facilitate assessment of threats and act as an early warning signal of true danger.

Illinois follows in Massachusetts footsteps with this legislation. Presumably, other states will follow suit in time.

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