Government Implements A Digital Scarlet Letter for Child Support Delinquency

Child support delinquency is rampant. That’s hardly a news flash.

Custodial parents are struggling. And some are having to resort to public assistance.

Which means states are struggling to take up the slack caused by the delinquent parents.

Well, the state of Arizona isn’t going to take it quietly.

As far back as 1999, Arizona was actually putting up on their child support enforcement agency’s website the names and pictures of delinquent parents.

Now, they’re ratcheting up their own tactics.

Arizona’s child support enforcement agency has taken to social media website Twitter in an even more aggressive effort to shame delinquent parents into relieving the state of supporting their children.

Not everyone is a fan of this measure. And it remains to be seen whether the state is ultimately compensated for its trouble.

If it is, other states just may follow suit.

It should be noted that not all delinquent parents are being branded in this way. Just the ones who:

  1. owe at least $5,000
  2. haven’t made a single payment for six months
  3. are subjects of arrest warrants and
  4. have failed to to keep the child support enforcement agency informed of their current address as required by law.