Happiness and Divorce: Is There a Correlation?

Portland, Oregon is the “unhappiest city in America”. In case you are wondering.

So opines BusinessWeek magazine. Based on numerous statistics.

For example, of the fifty largest metropolitan areas in the nation, Portland ranks fourth in divorces.

Portland also ranks first in depression and twelfth in suicides.

Portand’s crisis prevention hotline reports that calls are up 71% from about a year ago.

The weak economy is likely a factor. But 222 cloudy days in a year probably doesn’t help.

Louisville ranks first in divorces, but it doesn’t score in the top ten most unhappy cities anyway.

So how much of a factor in “city happiness” is number of divorces?

Hard to say.

The second unhappiest city, St. Louis, MO ranks 18th in divorces.

And the third unhappiest city, New Orleans, ranks 26th in divorces.

Not much of a correlation at all …

Now, what about the “happiness statistics” on victims of domestic violence and couples who stay together, miserably?

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