The Post-Divorce Way to Do the Holidays

After divorce, holidays are never the same for the parents or the children.

One million children this year are experiencing their first holiday season after their parents’ divorce.

For the children, it’s an enormous adjustment not to have the entire family together with them.

For one of the parents, it’s an enormous adjustment to be alone for the holidays or a significant portion of them.

Besides the new emotional challenges, the family may also face new financial hardships that impact holiday gift-giving.

The first holiday season after divorce is the toughest.

Experts recommend maintaining as much continuity for the kids as possible but, at the same time, starting new traditions to replace those that cannot be continued.

Ideally, parents should plan and work together to ensure that the holidays go smoothly for the kids.

Parents should also take care to reassure their kids that they are doing OK, especially if the kids will be leaving them over the holidays.

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