Houston Woman Accused of Kidnapping Five Evacuated New Orleans Children … Who She Allegedly Took in for Three Years

Evacuated Hurricane Katrina mother and her five kids from New Orleans end up living in Houston.

Houston woman allegedly takes them all in.

New Orleans biological mother claims Houston woman refused to return the children to her when requested.

Houston woman claims she has raised the children for the past three years – with little financial assistance from New Orleans biological mother.

She also contends that children would be unsafe with biological mother, who she alleges cannot care for them. Child welfare agency does not find those allegations to be supported by evidence.

Police arrest Houston woman on kidnapping charges. Grand jury rejects indicting her – and Houston woman is released.

Houston woman, cut off from all contact, wants New Orleans children back in her life – along with their mother. But she drops her legal case to try to get custody of children.

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