How Divorce, Separation, Abuse and/or Being Trapped in Unhappy Relationships May Affect Your Health

No less an authority than Prevention magazine asserts that divorce affects your health … in eight different ways.

  1. Anxiety
  2. Drastic Weight Change
  3. Metabolic Syndrome
  4. Depression
  5. Cardiovascular Disease
  6. Substance Abuse
  7. Insomnia
  8. Chronic Health Problems & Mobility Issues

The article urges paying attention, and getting that annual physical to prevent progression.

Well, I have to say yes and no to the above.

Divorce may affect your health. In these ways and others.

Or even an informal separation that doesn’t require a court order.

So might feeling trapped in a miserable marriage.

Or being stuck in an abusive marriage.

And ditto all of the above regarding a romantic relationship that never culminated in marriage.

And probably the death of a spouse too

And maybe a big move – or job or career change.

Am I denying the association with divorce? Or trivializing these health issues?

Definitely not.

Indeed, if anything, based on my experience, I would prescribe an even more aggressively proactive strategy, both for purposes of an actual divorce or separation, and for the next phase of life.

More on even more aggressively proactive strategy in an upcoming post.

Read more on the above in this Prevention magazine article: 8 Surprising Ways Divorce Affects Your Health .