How Long Does a Divorce Take?

People often ask “how long does a divorce take?”

What most people really mean is “how fast can my divorce go through?”

The answer to both questions can vary widely from case to case depending on many factors.

Many states impose a minimum waiting period before a divorce can go through to final judgment.

In Arizona, the current wait is sixty days – but some Arizonians think that’s too soon (ones who are not seeking a divorce).

And so a state legislator has introduced a bill to lengthen Arizona’s waiting period for a divorce to one hundred eighty days! Six months.

The same bill also increases mandatory divorce education, presumably on co-parenting after divorce.

A psychologist opposes the bill as forcing children to live in a hostile environment for longer.

The legislator reportedly will be amending the bill to create an exemption for victims of domestic violence though.

Florida’s waiting period is twenty days from the date of filing.

But, in practice, rarely are any but the simplest of uncontested divorces completed anywhere near that quickly.

Read more in this Arizona Republic article: Panel OKs bill to extend divorce waiting period.