How Not to Celebrate Father’s Day: Apparent Child Custody Dispute Erupts into Violence

Boyfriend and Girlfriend are at home with nine month old Baby.

Girlfriend’s mother, Grandmother, arrives.

Grandmother takes Baby outside and parades down the street with him.

Girlfriend goes after Grandmother and they argue.

Boyfriend comes out to check on them later.

Grandmother’s boyfriend, along with some of his friends, allegedly attack Boyfriend with a metal pipe and bats.

Boyfriend goes to the hospital for treatment of lacerations to his head and wounds on his back.

Grandmother’s boyfriend reportedly calls Boyfriend at the hospital and threatens to go there and continue beating Boyfriend.

Grandmother’s boyfriend and his cohorts arrive at the hospital.

Grandmother’s boyfriend is arrested on charges of assault and armed criminal action.

This happens on Father’s Day. And reportedly relates to a child custody dispute over Baby.

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