How Not to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday

British Mother has Daughter.

Daughter’s eighteenth birthday approaches.

Mother plans a special celebration.

Mother purchases almost six grams of … cocaine (street value about $1,000).

Mother’s plan is for Mother and Daughter to “snort” the cocaine while driving in a limo to London for an evening of partying.

It would undoubtedly have been a night to remember – except that Mother, who has several prior convictions, including one for drug possession, is arrested before the big day.

To Mother’s (and Daughter’s, I suppose,) dismay, the big day doesn’t come off as planned.

But, on the bright side, Mother receives only a suspended jail sentence (so she can care for a minor child she has and her elderly grandmother), and her only punishment is having to do community service.

Now that’s something to celebrate.


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