How to Avoid a Divorce Over Money Differences Between Couples

More than a few marriages break up over money or, rather, differences in how spouses deal with money.

People’s relationship with and attitude towards money develops long before marriage.

Which is why good communication between spouses regarding money is critical.

A financial psychologist offers the following recommendations for couples struggling with this aspect of their marriage:

  • Be forthright with your spouse about your attitude towards money and debt, and your spending and borrowing habits, as well as your monetary goals.

  • Reach a concensus about the limits and parameters on one spouse’s individual spending and borrowing without consulting the other spouse.

  • If you can’t work through your money disconnects with each other alone, it may be time to turn to a financial counselor to help both spouses get in sync with each other and on track toward their joint financial goals.

  • Once you have your money blueprint in place, don’t forget about it. Reevaluate it frequently to see if it still works for you both. If not, revise it together.

Better yet, have these money talks even before getting married. Find out before you tie the knot whether you are both compatible monetarily, and whether you are able to work through any differences that come to light.

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