How to Find Hidden Assets in Divorce

When the marriage starts heading south, it’s time to start paying attention to the finances – especially for spouses who never paid attention before. With some spouses, the window of opportunity to prove the existence of assets and that they are marital will close rapidly.

So it may be important to act quickly. And it may be necessary to engage various experts, ranging from divorce financial investigators to forensic computer analysts.

The things to look at, preserve and copy may include joint and the other spouse’s:

  1. Credit card receipts
  2. Credit reports
  3. Cellular phone bills
  4. Personal computers
  5. Laptop computers
  6. Cellular phones
  7. Text messages
  8. Secret e-mail addresses
  9. Internet surfing histories
  10. Offshore accounts
  11. Tax returns
  12. Safe deposit boxes
  13. Credit card statements
  14. Insurance documents
  15. ATM receipts
  16. Bank statements
  17. Brokerage account statements
  18. Other investment account statements
  19. And so on

Once you have your hands on them, study them, or have an expert do so.

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