Husband and Wife Stay Together For Dogs … Eight Years After Divorce

Husband and Wife divorce.

Husband and Wife have six, count ’em, six dogs.

Husband and Wife cannot bear to split dogs up.

Each is more attached to the dogs than to each other.

Husband and Wife – and, of course, the dogs – continue to share a New York City apartment … and a bed.

For eight years.

Then Wife finally can’t stand it and tells Husband he must leave.

Not without three of the dogs, he says.

And off he, and three of the dogs, go.

Strange as this situation sounds, there are other people who continue to co-exist in the same residence, months and even years after their divorce.

For less reason than shared unwillingness to separate pets.

Until one of them just can’t stand it anymore.

And then it’s back to court to force the other person out of the residence.

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