Husband Awarded Custody of Five Children Later Allegedly Murders Every One of Them

South Carolina Husband and Wife marry young. Husband and Wife have five Children together.

Husband has a history of substance abuse and has served time in prison.

The child welfare agency makes numerous visits to Husband and Wife’s home, not due to abuse or neglect, but due to the reportedly unsafe condition of their home.

Husband and Wife are able to bring home into compliance before Children are taken into protective custody.

Wife claims to be a victim of domestic violence. Husband and Wife separate.

Husband keeps Children.

Wife seeks to get Children back from Husband and his family.

Husband and Wife divorce.

Husband receives custody of Children from court.

Child welfare agency resumes investigations, now based on recurring allegations of abuse.

Husband appears to investigators to be overwhelmed keeping up their home and caring for the Children.

Husband is charged with incident of neglect.

Children go missing.

Mother reports Children as missing.

Authorities begin search.

Husband is arrested on DUI and possession of drugs. Incriminating materials are found in his car.

Husband is charged with unlawful conduct toward a child.

Husband confesses and leads authorities to Children’s bodies.

Husband is charged with five counts of murder.

Wife sues the child welfare agency for dropping the ball. Badly.


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