Husband Charged in Wife’s Murder Six Years Later, Shortly Before Receipt of Inheritance Expected

Husband and Wife marry and have two Children together.

Wife accumulates sizeable estate.

Husband reportedly improves his backgammon game.

Wife eventually has enough.

Wife obtains a purely religious divorce and a domestic violence restraining order of protection against Husband.

Wife schedules a meeting with her attorney to amend her will … to disinherit Husband to the extent allowed by law.

But Wife doesn’t make it to that meeting. The evening before, the forty-something Wife dies in her bathtub on New Year’s Eve of 2009.

Husband is the prime suspect, but police are unable to establish a solid legal case against him and decline to charge him.

Husband’s substantial inheritance is locked up in a trust though, release of funds in which are tied to the pressing criminal charges in Wife’s death or the passage of six years without charges being pressed.

With just two months left, Husband confides in his Girlfriend about the ill-gotten gains he will soon receive.

Girlfriend in turn reveals all to law enforcement authorities.

And Husband is finally charged with felony murder in Wife’s death.

And confined.


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