Husband Charged with Kidnapping and Unlawfully Restraining Wife … for Four Years

A Vermont Husband is charged with felony kidnapping and unlawful restraint of his Wife.

Husband allegedly held Wife against her will, locked in their shared home with his mother, for four years.

A ruling on whether Husband can continue to be denied bail is pending.

Husband maintains that Wife “wanted to be padlocked” and his attorneys assert that the prosecution cannot prove either spouse’s state of mind. Husband’s mother generally confirmed his position. Therefore, the defense argues, Husband should be freed on bail.

Wife reportedly escaped her captivity by jumping out a window on the second floor.

Wife counters the defense’s arguments by pointing out that she only “consented” to being confined out of fear that Husband would make good on his threats to do serious bodily harm to her, if not murder her.

Husband is twelve years Wife’s senior, and they first connected on the internet when she was sixteen years old.


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