Husband Convicted of Murdering Wife After Uploading Photo of Her Body On Facebook

Miami Husband and Wife argue over seemingly trivial matters … for hours. Both become enraged.

Finally, Husband shoots Wife in their kitchen … eight times. In self-defense, he contends. While their daughter sleeps upstairs.

Husband, who is about 6 feet tall and weights 200 pounds, claims that he has been a victim of domestic abuse.

Problem is, Wife was reportedly looking to leave Husband, and Husband had previously threatened to kill Wife if she ever tried to walk away from him. And forensic evidence indicates she was below Husband, on the floor.

After Wife died, Husband, bizarrely, posted a picture of her lifeless body on Facebook, which remained visible for about five hours.

Husband was convicted of second degree murder, firing a weapon in a home illegally and child neglect. He awaits sentencing, which is expected to range from twenty-five years’ to life in prison.