Husband Gets Jail Time for Hiding Assets from Wife During Divorce

Canadian Husband and Wife are married for over twenty years.

Husband and Wife break up.

Husband and Wife agree on the amount of alimony Husband should pay Wife.

Husband allegedly removes $50,000 from his retirement account over a period of time. And transfers his stock in his company to his son.

A year after the divorce is finalized, Husband seeks to modify his alimony obligation based on an alleged drop in his income.

The Ontario, Canadia trial court does not buy Husband’s story, concluding that Husband moved money so that it could not be used for alimony …

And the trial court goes on to sentence Husband to six months in jail for hiding assets from Wife and his noncompliance with the trial court’s order.

Husband declines to pay Wife what he owes her, even to avoid jail.

The Ontario appellate court affirms the trial court’s ruling.

And this is yet another shot fired in Canada which may be heard around the family law universe. (See my recent post Canadian Court Upholds Family Court Damages Award for One Spouse’s Purely Psychological Abuse of the Other Spouse for another recent, high impact ruling from Ontario, Canada.

Read more in this [Canadian] Globe and Mail article: Hiding assets from ex-spouse leads to jail.