Husband Learns The Hard Way the Perils of Representing Yourself in Divorce Court

New Jersey Wife has domestic violence restraining order against Husband.

Husband and Wife are also in the middle of a divorce.

Husband is representing himself in the divorce.

At a divorce hearing, Husband is allowed to cross examine Wife.

In his examination, Husband refers to text messages he sent to his Wife … after entry of the domestic violence injunction.

Unfortunately for Husband, whatever he may have had in mind, it backfired on him. What Husband did was broadcast directly to the judge that Husband had violated the domestic violence restraining order.

As a result, Husband was arrested on the spot for violating the domestic violence injunction.

Husband was then confined in jail pending bond of $2,500.

Husband could have benefited, at the very least, from some legal advice and counsel prior to his divorce hearing …

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