Husband Wants Alimony Reduction Because He Retired … at Fifty Five

Canadian Husband and Wife divorce following a lengthy battle over alimony and property division.

Husband is court-ordered to pay Wife alimony, and Husband’s pension is divided between Husband and Wife.

Feeling “burned out” and “stressed”, Husband retired from his job at 55 years of age. Husband alleges that his doctor suggested that.

As a result of Husband’s early retirement, Husband enlisted the aid of the Canadian family court to reduce his court-ordered alimony payments based on this change in circumstances.

Only the Canadian family court did not agree with Husband, holding that Husband was not at liberty to voluntarily resign from his job to try to avoid his court-ordered alimony obligations.

Husband alleges that Wife works, as she did throughout most of their marriage, and Wife currently has greater income than Husband.

Husband appeals the family court’s holding to the intermediate appellate court.

Husband’s social media postings were part of the record on appeal. They depict a man with a much younger fiance, traveling to exotic places, mountain climbing, buying a new home; in other words, living the good life. The intermediate appellate court affirms the family court’s holding.

Husband would appeal to the highest appellate court, but he maintains that he simply cannot afford to.

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