IL: Gag Orders in Ordinary Family Court Child Custody Cases?

Ten years ago …

A Mother had custody sole custody of her daughter.

The Mother and child moved to Illinois.

The Father followed.

Then, the Father got sole custody of the child.

Then the Mother founded an organization to lobby for reform of Illinois’ family courts, which she perceived as biased.

Then, the Mother’s visitation was terminated. Absolutely. Completely.

Five years of absolutely-no-contact later

The Illinois Court issued a gag order prohibiting the parties and other participants from discussing the case – or even the child’s name – with the media.

The Illinois Court reportedly went on to threaten the Mother with jail for contempt – after the Mother suggested that she wished to consult an attorney regarding her constitutional right to free speech.

A First Amendment attorney practicing in Illinois reportedly questioned the validity of the gag order and the sealing of the case.

Meanwhile, eleven years of child custody litigation go on. And a child is quietly denied any access to her mother.

For reasons, if any, not reported. That might violate the gag order.

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