IL: Most Improved in Child Support Collections

Illinois has improved its child support collections by a whopping 56% over the past 5 years. That’s undoubtedly an enormous help to Illinois’ custodial parents and children of divorce.

Ideally, other states would be able to learn something from Illinois’ successes.

So, how did Illinois achieve this enhanced collections?

  • an upgraded customer service call center equipped with new computers
  • a new website for employers to report new hires, to facilitate deducting support payments directly from wages
  • more aggressive attachment of non-custodial parents’ bank accounts
  • denial of US passports and
  • last, but perhaps not least, a website featuring the names, addresses and photos of deadbeat parents who owe more than $5,000.

It would probably be enlightening to other states for Illinois to report a ranking of each tool or technique by its productivity in terms of dollar generation.

Read more in this Chicago Sun-Times article: State tops in improving child support collections.