Illinois Mother Who Lost Custody of Her Children to Father Finds Father’s Body at His Home

Illinois Father and Mother split up.

They have two children together.

Mother wins sole custody, having accused Father of abusing her and the children and having obtained short-lived protective orders against Father during their divorce case.

But Father later wrested custody away from Mother, because Mother allegedly moved the children to a house without heat, electricity or running water, which was infested with bugs, and their children allegedly went unbathed for days on end.

Father’s current wife wrote of the stormy relationship between Mother and Father on a social networking website.

Father and his current wife were recently found by Mother, murdered in their home. Their baby was unharmed.

At the time of Father’s death, he was scheduled to square off against Mother in Court on their custody case soon.

Given the allegations made by Father before his death, it is unknown and unclear whether Mother will regain custody of their children or whether the children will go into protective custotdy.

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