I’m Back Living with My Ex – And His New Girlfriend – and I Can’t Wake Up!

You’ve heard the story. “Oh, my ex and I, we had an amicable divorce. We’re still good friends.”

Your eyes roll. “Yeah, right, get real”, you think silently. How could anyone really feel that way?

Well, if you’re nodding your head at this point, imagine this.

Husband and Wife have Boy and Girl together.

Husband and Wife divorce.

Husband gets the marital residence (House).

Husband gets Girlfriend.

Girlfriend moves in with Husband.

Girlfriends helps out with Boy and Girl during Husband’s timesharing.

Oh … and Wife lives in a little apartment built on to the House.

And Husband, Wife and Girlfriend divvy up child care responsibilities and cooking up family meals which … they all eat together.

Well, statistically, you probably don’t know anyone living a post-divorce lifestyle such as this.

But, truth be told, this may not be the exclusive province of the Sci Fi Channel either.

Husband is real. But he is the first to admit “I’m probably the luckiest divorced man on the planet”.

Yet, reportedly, he and his situation are not entirely unique.

This is an emerging trend. Well, “trend” may be overstating it.

But it seems that this is a real thing. Some people are actually doing this.

And, once / if you can wrap your head around it, like most things in life, it may have its pros, for children, and cons, for the exes.

Well, at the very least, it may make getting through exchanges of the kids and meeting the ex’s new significant other – without incident – seem a lot less daunting.

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