I’m Not Legally Married Here, But I Can Get a Divorce?

Maryland is another one of a growing number of states that does not recognize same sex marriages … but is repeatedly confronted by gay couples who married elsewhere and are now living in their state and want a divorce.

And after various inconsistent and unpredictable trial level family court rulings, Maryland’s highest court has now come down in favor of recognizing and allowing gay divorces.

This ruling may take into account a new Maryland law legalizing future gay marriages starting next January.

That new statute is under attack from various quarters though, and its longevity is in some doubt.

While it may be confusing to try to reconcile granting a divorce in Maryland in a marriage that would not be allowed to take place in Maryland (or other states that do not yet recognize gay marriage), the principle of affording full faith and credit to the legal measures of sister states does rise to the occasion.

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